An Artificial Grass For Every Project

Varoius types of artificial turf, fake grass, for landscaping or for golf putting greens
Looking for high quality artificial grass that is almost undetectable from the real thing?

Artificial Turf Installations based in the Lower Mainland - Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, have the experience as synthetic grass suppliers and installers for golf putting greens, childcare centres, schools, courtyards, rooftops, commercial properties and private homes.

Artificial Grass or Synthetic Grass is also known as lawn and turf and was previously known as the brand AstroTurf or fake grass. It’s been shown to be very cost effective verses natural lawn.

With today's technology and recent advances in artificial turf design and manufacture means that it is now almost indistinguishable from natural turf.

There are modern synthetic lawn options to suit every application, from light residential traffic areas to the hardest punishment that a sporting club or school can dish out. Unlike the old style synthetic turf, you won’t get grazes, scratches or carpet burns from our grass and it perfect for your pet. It is soft underfoot, yet long-wearing.

Thinking of installing a synthetic lawn either inside or outside of your home that looks and feels as near to natural as you can get and that will last for years then give Artificial Turf Installations a call 604-358-2022



durapet grass


Verablade Sport

Durablade 95
Rymar Grasses

Bent Grass



Durablade 65

Durablade Sport

Durablade Sport



Everblade 50

Everblade 50

Everblade 80


Kentucky Sunrise

Just like its natural counterpart, Kentucky Blue Grass, our Kentucky Sunrise imitates the soft flowing feel of real grass. It has a smooth S shaped blade in a multitude of green monofilaments with a pile height of 1.77”. The thatch is made up of beige, yellow and tan fibres completing the natural look and feel of our Kentucky Sunrise turf.

kentucky rise

Rain Forest

Our brand new turf, Rainforest has a pile height of 1.77” and uses both a W and a flat shaped turf blade. This turf features a 4-coloured grass blend and a beige & tan thatch, and it has a durable and natural feel to it..

rain forest turf

Imperial Green

For a plush green lawn, Imperial Green is your choice. Using only green shades for the blades and the thatch, this turf gives you a luscious emerald green colour. Imperial Green has a pile height of 1.65” with a W shaped blade. Great for children’s play areas.

imperial green

Royal Oak

Our Royal Oak turf has a pile height of 1.65” and a W shaped turf blade. The grass blades are in shades of olive and dark greens with a dry beige/tan thatch. Royal Oak gives you a natural and plush look. It is also ideal for children’s play areas due to this thick lushness that kids will love.

royal oak artificial turf

Parkway Multi

Parkway Multi turf has a C shaped blade with a height 1.38". It is very adaptable in a multitude of applications. This artificial grass is also a great choice for areas that have lots of pine needles droppings. This turf is a softer turf that is great for low traffic areas. It’s a natural green with a beige/tan base thatch.

parkway multi synthetic turf